“Where are you from?” These four words, innocuous and friendly conversation starters when asked by whites of whites, are often experienced by Latinas/os in the United States not as innocent interrogations, but as thinly veiled intimations of foreignness and racial difference. Furthermore, for Latinas/os  the  answer  is  quite  often far more complicated than a simple “Milwaukee” or “Mexico.” What if we are from both Milwaukee and Mexico? What if we are from Milwaukee and Mexico while living in Massachusetts? Then where, indeed, are we from? Where is home now? Who are y/our people? Most important of all, where do y/our allegiances lie?

Latina/o immigrations to, migrations within, and return migrations from the United States are often the manifest or latent consequence of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean, or as journalist Juan González (2001) put it, the “harvest of empire.” That is, U.S. settler colonialism and imperialism trigger …

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