New Post-Publication Keywords: “Gesture” and “Skill”

Across both editions of Keywords for American Cultural Studies, we have emphasized that a keywords project is always provisional, always in process, always subject to revision. This openness is in keeping with Raymond Williams’s insistence in Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society that his publisher include several blank pages at the back of the volume “as a sign that the inquiry remains open, and that the author will welcome all amendments, corrections and additions.” This website – including this blog and the Keywords Collaboratory, where students using the text can produce their own collaboratively written keyword essays – is a digital analogue to Williams’s blank pages.

In that spirit, we’re very pleased to announce the publication of two new keyword essays, both of which are now part of Keywords for American Cultural Studies: “Gesture” by Lindsay Reckson; and “Skill” by Miriam Bartha. They appear under “Post-Publication Essays” on the site (in the left navigation, under “Essays”). Each of these new keyword essays expands the disciplinary and conceptual scope of the project in new and exciting directions, which we discuss in brief interviews with Reckson and Bartha about the why, what, and what next of their thinking.  These interviews will appear tomorrow here on the Keywords blog.

If you are interested in adding a keyword essay to this ongoing publication, please contact us. All submissions will be peer-reviewed (by us), and if yours is accepted, it will be copy-edited by NYU Press and published on the site, with search functions that link it to the other essays in the volume.

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