Post-ASA 2014

Hope everyone enjoyed the 84-degree weather at the American Studies Association conference in LA.  (For those of you who missed it, don’t worry, it rained the whole time.)

We came away from the conference even more excited by conversations we had about the volume with lots of folks, including the editors of the other keyword books coming out from NYU Press in the near future.  Many of those conversations focused on the uses that individuals have made of the first edition in courses and/or the additional keywords they were interested in working on or reading, including terms such as “safety” and “gesture.”

We want to repeat here what we said to many at the conference.  We are very interested in two forms of post-publication response to the print/digital volume.

1)  Please send us syllabi and/or assignments that have used Keywords for American Cultural Studies.  We are committed to building a rich and useable archive on the site under “Syllabi and Assignments.”  All we need is the syllabus or assignment, along with a couple of lines about the course context, the shape of the project, and what worked and what needs work.  These courses and assignments do NOT need to have used the Keywords Collaboratory or other digital platforms to be useful.

2)  Please send an email if you are interested in authoring a post-publication essay that responds or adds to what is already in print and online.  These essays will be reviewed by us and published on the site where they will be searchable along with all of the other print and digital essays.  They can be all text or fully multi-modal.

We will be able to publicize any and all new contributions through the site, this blog, and other social media.  Looking forward to hearing from you about how you are using and responding to Keywords.

-Bruce and Glenn

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